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Essential Slot Game Tips

If you don’t know what a slots game is, the chances are you just arrived here from another planet. So; welcome to Earth, we hope you enjoy your stay! For all the humans reading, you already know that slot games are the most played casino game in the world. The simple game play design of … Continue reading Essential Slot Game Tips

Why Craps Is A Casino Favourite

Everyone who knows anything about casino games knows that craps is a firm favourite. In fact, so popular is craps that it has had a pretty significant impact on popular culture. You will likely have seen characters in movies and television series playing the game, with wide-eyed and baited breathed actors waiting in anticipation as … Continue reading Why Craps Is A Casino Favourite

Best Games for Mobile Play

Mobile gaming is a great way to get your casino gaming fun. The benefits of course are that you can play anywhere, but when compared to desktop computer gaming, the most glaring difference is the limited controls and display size that comes with gaming on a phone or tablet. Picking Your Games There are three … Continue reading Best Games for Mobile Play

The Mafia And Gambling

There is a popular enduring image that virtually everyone knows; a cigar smoking, Tommy gun wielding old school gangster, one you would very likely encounter in a Las Vegas casino. This man would very likely do unspeakably horrible things to you, given the slightest chance, and also likely say things like; “Eat lead, ya filthy … Continue reading The Mafia And Gambling

Bond Movie Facts

Explore the different locations of 6 James Bond movies with Spin Palace Casino. From London, the Bahamas and Portugal, to Las Vegas, Monaco, Macau and the Czech Republic, the 007 agent has been there and played some of the best table games. Find out more about the different casinos, the countries and the games that … Continue reading Bond Movie Facts