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The Psychology Of Sports Betting

Understanding the psychology behind why we bet, specifically on sports, can actually help us to become better bettors.  What’s more, successful sports betting has become increasingly more possible since the advent of the internet.  A wealth of information is now available to anyone with an Internet connection. Strangely enough, each and every one of us … Continue reading The Psychology Of Sports Betting

Live Dealer Casino’s Progression

After online casinos exploded in the 1990’s, they seemed to have replaced brick-and-mortar establishments for many players. The convenience of being able to play at any time, without having to travel anywhere, meant that players could enjoy casino games a lot more often than before, and many people got to play them for the very … Continue reading Live Dealer Casino’s Progression

Where to Next for Slots?

Is there such a thing as a perfected design? When first faced with this question, a person might be tempted to say; no. After all, if there were such a thing as a perfected design, would we really be getting constant toothbrush and shaving razor design updates, each more increasingly alien looking than the last, … Continue reading Where to Next for Slots?

Top 5 Favorite Casino Games

The world is a pretty big place, in case there was any doubt, which means that there are going to be a pretty diverse selection of favorite casino games. Plus, some casino games tend to be more popular in some areas of the world, than others. This means that it’s very difficult to make an … Continue reading Top 5 Favorite Casino Games

eSports Making Major In Roads

After the successful completion of an extensive pilot programme in 2017, Connecticut will become the first US state to offer eSports to its high school and college students. It’s clear that a whole new generation of eSports enthusiasts is being born and bred and that the future of competitive gaming looks bright. This comes as … Continue reading eSports Making Major In Roads