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The Story Of Dead Man’s Hand

Casino games have a great deal of superstition around them, which makes sense, given the human propensity to make up “rules” where there are none. Since casino games rely on luck to varying degrees, it is also goes without saying that there is a degree of chaos involved. In such cases superstition is bound to … Continue reading The Story Of Dead Man’s Hand

7 Deadly (Gambling) Sins

There are a few deadly sins when it comes to gambling and below we look at just seven that need to be avoided at all costs. 1. Employing Bad Strategy The first gambling sin many people commit is using poor strategy. For me, only blackjack and poker variants are candidates for strategic play, but many … Continue reading 7 Deadly (Gambling) Sins

Why Casinos Offer Free Games

When it comes to gambling online, there are many advantages when compared to gambling at a land-based casino. For starters, players can access and play all the latest slots and casino games, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any computer or mobile device. Then you have the sheer variety of games on … Continue reading Why Casinos Offer Free Games

Why Spin Palace is Tops

Spin Palace is an online casino offering players an unmatched gaming experience. The site is well-known for offering over 500 online casino games with high payout percentages. What makes Spin Palace so awesome? The choice of games is certainly one thing, but the casino also allows players to access multiple games at the same time, … Continue reading Why Spin Palace is Tops

Essential Slot Game Tips

If you don’t know what a slots game is, the chances are you just arrived here from another planet. So; welcome to Earth, we hope you enjoy your stay! For all the humans reading, you already know that slot games are the most played casino game in the world. The simple game play design of … Continue reading Essential Slot Game Tips