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Stephen Hawking’s Legacy

Professor Stephen Hawking has passed away, aged 76. Known globally for being one of the brightest minds of the current era, what made the man even more remarkable is that he managed to overcome a debilitating disease, which left him bound to a wheelchair for most of his adult life. Multiple institutes around the world … Continue reading Stephen Hawking’s Legacy

The Google-Foundem Factor

It would be quite difficult to come across a person in a developed country who is old enough to read and write, who has not heard of, or used, a search engine. It would most certainly border on the impossible when applying the same set of criteria, to come across one who has used a … Continue reading The Google-Foundem Factor

Social Media Followers: Hot Commodities in an Influencer Economy

As a lot of people know, there’s nothing quite like getting more followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. Viewed as an indicator of the social status of teenagers for some time, the number of followers that people have has become a far more potent index. Now followers don’t only measure your … Continue reading Social Media Followers: Hot Commodities in an Influencer Economy