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Preferred Casino Game By Gender

I’d be lying if I said talking about gender preference these days, in whatever fashion, didn’t make me nervous. It seems like the world is haunted by social justice warriors and furious feminists, lurking behind every tree, waiting to leap out and tear me limb from limb, dare I say even one thing that might … Continue reading Preferred Casino Game By Gender

Measuring Casino Game Returns

Knowing how to accurately measure casino game returns is a vital tool for anyone who really enjoys playing casino games – whether at a land based casino or online.   Whatever your game or games of choice, understanding how to implement the proper measurement tools can greatly influence the outcome of the games, as you will … Continue reading Measuring Casino Game Returns

IA Poker – Who Wins?

It is now twenty years on since the notorious match between Chess world champion Garry Kasparov and Deep Blue – IBM’s super-computer.  Kasparov lost to Deep Blue – and went on to accuse the computer of having been controlled by an actual, human chess-master.  In essence, Kasparov called shenanigans.  The chess master refused to believe … Continue reading IA Poker – Who Wins?

Bogus Baccarat Strategies to Avoid

Superstition is one of the greatest traditions woven into the history of gambling. Even famous World Series of Poker winners do it. Among many others, poker legend, Doyle Brunson famously carries a rock named Casper with him for luck. In reality, there is no correlation between success and superstition. Where it happens, it’s pure coincidence. … Continue reading Bogus Baccarat Strategies to Avoid

When to Cash Out in Slots

Modern day slot machines, and particularly online slot games, make it decidedly difficult for players to decide when to cash out. But in order to keep to a set bankroll and manage one’s budget effectively, it is vitally important for players to track how much they are spending and to know when they need to … Continue reading When to Cash Out in Slots

The World’s Smallest Casinos

In modern times, when we think of the greatest casinos on Earth, size is usually a primary criterion. The general consensus goes: the bigger the better. However, there are many casinos – both famous and obscure – all over the world that pride on themselves on their diminutive sizes and the novelty and/or exclusivity that … Continue reading The World’s Smallest Casinos

Are Casino Apps Safe To Download?

Casino apps are software downloads that will greatly improve your mobile casino experience. With these apps you can conveniently and securely enjoy real money gaming on your device of choice, whether it be powered by iOS, Android, Pad or Windows mobile. Some people may have concerns about the safety of installing software on their mobile … Continue reading Are Casino Apps Safe To Download?