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A football-shaped diamond for the World Cup

Something unusual happened just before the 2018 World Cup quarter final match between Russia and Croatia. Russian mining group, ALROSA, unearthed a 0.50 carat, black and white diamond from the northern Arkhangelsk Region, which coincidentally, looked just like a soccer ball. Nature is famous for creating whimsical shapes, but this is the first time a … Continue reading A football-shaped diamond for the World Cup

Brand Origins: Budweiser

2018 has really proven to be Budweiser’s year. Not only did America’s most famous beer enter into new markets, it was also the official sponsor to the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Like Levi and Nike, Budweiser is one of those brands that through various channels of media, has entered into the collective conscience. I remember … Continue reading Brand Origins: Budweiser