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Global Gambling Trends

Which nation has a habit of offering lottery tickets to minors as part of their birthday or Christmas gifts? Have you ever wondered which nation in the world enjoys gambling the most? These are only two of the fun facts you’ll learn about in the following infographic from Spin Palace. Expand your borders and explore … Continue reading Global Gambling Trends

What Are eSports?

If you are an avid casino gaming enthusiast, chances are you have come across the term eSports or eSports betting. While most people have a vague idea what eSports might be, the general consensus is that they are “video games” and in a way, this generalisation is actually correct. The term eSports is simply the … Continue reading What Are eSports?

Unbelievable Casino Car Giveaways

It’s a very common practice, both online and offline, for casinos to give away cars as prizes or part of promotions. All you need to do to find some of these deals running right now is enter the terms “casino”, “car”, “giveaway” or “promotion” into whichever search engine you prefer to use. The appeal of … Continue reading Unbelievable Casino Car Giveaways

Popular Slots Genres

Themes are the lifeblood of modern online slots. They colour the standard game to take on the look and feel of your favourite movie, band or even culture and make game play all the more exciting and invigorating. Online slots developers have covered just about every theme, and whether you’re into rugby, love vampires or … Continue reading Popular Slots Genres

Classic Gambling Superstitions

I mentioned awhile back that I find superstitions fascinating, and I still do. There is, after all, something fairly amazing about the extents people will go to in order to try and bring some kind of order to the unknown. Even if that something is putting a mandrake root in fresh milk, and stashing it … Continue reading Classic Gambling Superstitions

What’s Next for Online Slots?

Did you know that online casino game developers like Microgaming, Playtech and NetEnt release new games every month, most of which are online slots? It’s for precisely this reason that the best online casinos offer hundreds and hundreds of different slots! Taking a look at the range of online slots on offer, there is literally … Continue reading What’s Next for Online Slots?

Video Games are Going Retro

Are you ready to party like it’s 1989? That’s when Nintendo’s Game Boy and Prince of Persia, played on Apple II, were first released. Both are icons of the chunky tech of days gone by, and there’s a huge wave of nostalgia for them and other products from that era. We’ve already seen successful comebacks … Continue reading Video Games are Going Retro

Gaming Trends for 2018

At the beginning of each year tech publications and gadget fundi’s make predictions regarding the expected trends for that year. It’s always interesting to look back at the end of the year to see how many of those glimpses into the future had in fact played out as predicted. If all that has been spotted … Continue reading Gaming Trends for 2018