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Top 5 Most-Played Sports That Make Canada Proud

Canadian player cheering with hockey stick

In the land of the maple leaf and red-coated Mounties, many automatically link Canada to hockey. While hockey is the most-played and best beloved sport of Canadians, the upper North American country has a few other games up their sleeves. Discover the top five sports most played in Canada with our list from Spin Casino. … Continue reading Top 5 Most-Played Sports That Make Canada Proud

Shazam! Battles Biblical Sins

While this umpteenth superhero movie follows most of the genre’s rules, it also breaks away from some. It’s light-hearted, charming and filled with humorous moments, with many critics referring to it as Big meets Superman. And understandably so, as it’s about a troubled, and somewhat lost teenager who receives the gift of being able to … Continue reading Shazam! Battles Biblical Sins