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Three popular Swedish fashion brands

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Acne Studios

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Active since 1996, this brand was launched by creative director Jonny Johansson, whose eclectic interests in photography, art, architecture and contemporary culture have helped fuel the company’s bold multidisciplinary approach. Despite having been in existence for less than two decades, Acne has built a reputation as a well-respected creator of ready-made clothing, magazine and book publications, furniture and exhibitions, as well as becoming involved in a series of creative collaborations to produce limited collections.

A favourite among stylish Swedes, Acne is internationally renowned as a brand which captures the essence of refined Swedish chic. Its flagship stores can be found in many locations across the world including Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, Antwerp and Berlin. Offering a blend of detailed design and high-quality tailoring alongside a willingness to exploit a varied palette of materials and innovative custom fabrics, the brand produces men’s and women’s ready-to-wear fashion, footwear and denim, as well as a range of accessories which includes handbags, eyewear products and small leather goods. So the clothes they make would definitely work for everyday wear as well as for a night at the casino.

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The Filippa K brand was co-founded by Filippa Knutsson and Patrik Kihlborg in 1993. With its focus on simplicity and minimalist styling, the brand has developed a reputation for uncomplicated clothing with a very modern feel. That means easy, timeless elements such as slouchy trousers and midi skirts you can wear along with your leather boots and a cross-body bag.

Filippa K (for Knutsson) is emerging as one of the leading lights of Scandinavian fashion and has already established a presence in 30 international markets. Describing its range as ‘designed for ourselves and those around us’, Filippa K thinks of its brand as ‘still a personal affair’. The company’s carefully chosen designs reflect a ‘modern interpretation’ of contemporary life and the lifestyle concerns we all share. This attitude is demonstrated, for example, by the fact that according to Launchmetrics the company intends to be using only sustainable fibres in the manufacture of its clothing from 2030 onwards.

Prioritising style, simplicity and quality, Filippa K offer both men’s and women’s collections, plus shoes and accessories, as well as Soft Sport, a dedicated range of sportswear.

Tiger of Sweden

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With a long history stretching back to 1903, the Tiger of Sweden already has a heritage grounded in tailoring. Yet after years of mixed fortunes, a company revamp in 1993 saw the brand experience a surge of popularity as it boldly took the styling of the suit out of the office and into the realms of everyday smart-casual wear. Now looking to evolve into a 21st-century go-to on the Scandinavian fashion scene under Head of Creative and Design Christoffer Lundman, the company specialises in characterful, well-tailored fashionware with ‘a different cut’.

Tiger of Sweden have something for all men and women who appreciate high-quality Scandinavian fashion: from classic blazers worn with premium-quality jeans to ultra-cool outerwear for those who just want to ‘be themselves’.

Make-Unders: Rise of the Favourite New Trend

Ditching the heavy make up
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It looks like women around the world are beginning a wholesale rejection of beauty perfection. With make-unders being the new top trend, its safe to say there will be very few panda eyes and clown mouths by the end of any given night out.

A few years ago, make-up got bigger, brighter, and bolder with every season. This was no doubt propelled by the amount of time Lady Gaga, Li’l Kim, and others famous for their outlandish looks spent in the spotlight. Of course, fans and fashionistas were inspired to push their boundaries a little further, even if the results usually could have been described as Depressed Oompa-Loompa.

As New York City-based culture writer Bim Adewunmi pointed out, Rihanna said it best in a tutorial video for a top fashion magazine. The multi award-winning pop star announced that more make-up, rather than less, was the way to go, and that is obviously the way it went. That has changed, and even Gaga has been posting #NoMakeUp selfies.

Whether you plaster on an array of cosmetics with a towel, or prefer the freshly scrubbed look, Spin Palace casino online is the perfect choice when you are in the mood to play. After all, none of the players or dealers can see what you look like.

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What Has Changed?

Leading beauty guru Bobbi Brown is no stranger to the nude look, and began working with it almost 30 years ago. Make-unders hovered around ever since, but experienced a popularity explosion recently.

Brown said the secret was to apply just the right amount as a way of enhancing what is already there. She added that modern consumers had no need of dramatic or time-consuming techniques. Her sentiments were echoed by make-up artist to the stars; Jamie Greenberg, who said that women were sick of artificial, heavy looks.

Speaking about her reasons for following the make-under trend, Anonymous producer and manager Nicole Clemens implied that some of the more recent trends were strange. She also said that wearing fewer cosmetics gave her & other women a younger appearance, which is why increasingly more women were leaning towards the trend.

Embracing the natural look
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The Skin-Care Shift

Another reason the make-under is a new favourite is because we have started appreciating the importance of skin-care. The excesses, stresses and strains of modern life, as well as nutrition and other factors, have been linked to premature ageing – and using too much make-up does not help.

Rather than simply being a case of toning and moisturising, it is now about reversing visible signs of age, as well as minimising blemishes by keeping the body’s largest organ healthy. Whether you buy something to smooth out wrinkles, shrink your pores, or fight free radicals, the goal is to let natural beauty shine through. Whether or not any of that stuff actually works, however, is another matter.

Get the Look

The best part about the make-under is that it is as effortless as you imagine it to be. It is also a cost-effective way to let your natural assets shine.

Greenberg said her must-haves include tinted moisturiser and lip-balm, as well as eyelash extensions. Brown, on the other hand, recommends mascara and eyebrow pencil, concealer, and blush for a nude look. If she needs to add a little something special for formal occasions, she uses eyeliner, false lashes, and red lipstick.

Of course, you need not adopt Greenberg and Brown’s plain palettes. Make-up artist Taylor Babaian said that, if you want colour, opt for matte and neutral shades, and you will do just fine.