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Professional Chefs Reveal Secret Ingredients

Chef’s secret ingredients
Source: Pixabay

You probably have at least one person in your family who claims to have a secret ingredient. They tease you with it, keep bringing it up at every family social event and do just about everything to intrigue you. It haunts you at night; you lie awake, staring at the ceiling wondering just how gran made her potato salad that damn good?

Now, we can’t help you get gran’s secret potato salad recipe. But what we can do is help you have a secret ingredient all of your own. That way, next time gran tries to tease you once again with her cursed potato salad delicious goodness, you can respond with; that’s nice gran, but not as nice as the secret ingredient I have for pizza.

This will even the odds, level the playing field with gran, and start a foodie battle for the ages. You’re welcome. Here are a few interesting tips that will make your cooking one notch better, offered by professional chefs from around the world.

Cooked Veggie Magic

Vegetables are notoriously difficult to cook. At least, if you want them to be soft and delicious, while also still being green and presentable. Cooking for too long leaves them looking bland, and although some may argue that the taste is what matters, not the visual appeal, we professional chefs all know that presentation is roughly 60%.

Here is a little trick to blow gran’s mind. Put a pinch of bicarbonate of soda into the pot while boiling your veggies. This will help them look dazzling, even while they boil to perfection. Head chef at Portmeirion Hotel, Mark Threadgill, uses this very same trick, so you know it’s legit.

Tender Meat Magic

Want meat so tender it will make gran’s head explode? We have the secrets. Though, it will take more preparation than you might expect. Marinade your meat at 48 hours in advance, using ginger garlic paste, yogurt, raw papaya paste, coriander powder, chilli powder, garam masala, and salt. Once marinaded, cover, and put into fridge.

This formula will work its magic over the two-day period, and the result will be meat almost supernaturally tender. A sure fire way to put a pout on gran’s face. Zaika of Kensington head chef Shoeb Haider let this little trick slip, so be sure to thank him for getting the upper hand over gran.

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Evergreen Guacamole

Here is an especially useful little trick. Guacamole, although delicious and a treat at any social event, tends to lose its colour very quickly. A masterful chef knows that simply keeping the stone from the avocado and burying it in the guacamole, will ensure that the green colour is kept for longer.

Really rather obvious, when you think about it, and also a great way to make guests wonder how your guacamole has a supernatural ability to stay green for so long. A simple but neat little trick shared by Atul Kochlar, Chef at Sindhu.

Oven Pizza At Home

Cooking exceptional pizza is no small challenge. But it turns out that you can replicate professional pizza at home if you know how to go about doing it. Not in the oven, no, in a frying pan. This is a trick that could make your pizza stand apart at a family event, leading many to wonder when you got a professional pizza oven installed.

Do keep in mind, though, that the pizza will have to be finished off under a grill in order to be brought to perfection. So a little more effort is required, but the results are well worth it. The co-founder of Pizza Pilgrims, James Elliot, revealed this sneaky trick.

Thick Gravy Secret

Last, a quick tip for making extra thick gravy, shared by great British chef Graham Campbell. Combine the same portions of butter to plain flower, and mix until a nice even paste is created. Add the paste to your gravy and mix, until the desired thickness is achieved. Mmm…delicious!

Why Cockroach Milk is The New Superfood

Are you ready to try roach milk?
Source: The Guardian Nigeria

It seems like every other day a new health food trend is being raved about. If it isn’t some or other mixture of fruit and spices, it’s an apparently miraculous root from a far off land. Some of these trends are cheap and easily accessible, while others require that you win a casino online jackpot before you can afford to try them!

Interestingly though, the vast majority of health food trends are gone before most even have a chance to get lured into trying them, which can really make you stop and think about just how miraculous any of them were, if they were forgotten in a matter of months.

But the latest health food trend may just stick around. Not because it’s miraculous, because it happens to be one of the most revolting things you could possibly imagine. What is it? Why cockroach milk, of course, and various groups are already calling it the next best thing to getting your nutrients from more appetising food. Which it is.

Nutritious Cockroach Milk

A buzz went around in 2016 after it was revealed that the rare Pacific beetle fed it’s young with milk. This alone is extremely bizarre behaviour for insects, and not the only bizarre thing the Pacific beetle does. It also gives birth to live young. Intrigued, researchers decided to give the cockroach the once over, only to discover that the milk was loaded with proteins, fats and sugars.

Sanchari Banerjee, a member of the study team, spoke to the Times of India, explaining that the insect milk is basically a complete food, all available in the form of insect secreted milk. In fact, gram-for-gram, cockroach milk is even more nutritious than buffalo milk, which is another animal secreted substance high on the list of superfoods.

Is cows milk a thing of the past?
Source: Pixabay

Is It Viable?

Assuming that you’ve decided you need cockroach milk in your life as soon as possible, the next question you need to ask is; is cockroach milk viable? The answer is a simple one; anything is viable if enough people want it to happen. So if you want cockroach milk, start demanding it and it won’t be long before someone starts providing it.

In the meantime you could check out the ice cream made from insect milk already available. Created by South African based company Gourmet Grubb, the ice cream is advertised as being made only with sustainably harvested insect milk. You can order some right now if you are hankering for a taste of milk extracted from insects.

The company states that they believe insects are the future of sustainable human existence on planet earth, given that insect harvesting is environmentally friendly, sustainable, and a great source of necessary proteins. They may be on to something there, though insect made ice cream is not a viral sensation, yet. Though given the attention the insect milk buzz is giving them, their time might just have come.

Other Healthy Foods

Assuming you’re not into insect milk, there are a few other healthy options you can try out and thankfully, they are remarkably similar to normal, every day foods.

Eggs are one of the first things humans started stealing from animals and eating, and it turns out they are still one of the most protein rich things you can eat. Squid and salmon are also great, with recommendations from doctors being that seafood be eaten at least once a week. Chicken breasts, skinless, are often overlooked as being healthy, and can be prepared in a number of ways that make them a great deal more appetising that cockroach milk.

If you are really keen to try the newest superfood trend and down a glass of roach milk, we won’t stop you…and we hope it makes you feel really good too!